7 Steps To A Leaner, Healthier You

Discover SIMPLE but proven lifestyle steps to get leaner and healthier - includes FREE recipe guide!

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7 Steps To A Leaner, Healthier You

✔ Do you feel helpless when you see all of your efforts to burn fat and get leaner come to nothing - leaving you disappointed and unmotivated?
✔ Are you tired of being let down with “Weight Loss” programs that provide a short-term gain but fail to deliver on their promises long-term?
The 7 Steps To A Leaner, Healthier You course is based on Darryl's experience from his personal health struggles, his successes with clients and the latest in scientific research:

Discover 7 SIMPLE, but evidence-based steps to lose weight without ‘dieting.’

  • Learn the most common diet ‘mistakes’ most people make and how to easily fix them.
  • Discover the one behaviour that can sabotage even the healthiest diet.
  • Can exercise help you to lose body fat - or is it just all about diet?
  • Why is sleep quality so important when it comes to body composition?
  • Is low-carb always the best way to lose body fat?
  • Over 40 tasty recipes including breakfast, lunch, dinner, sides and snacks.
  • And MORE...

Achieve your goals by working through these seven steps - your body and health will thank you!

Your Coach

Darryl Edwards
Darryl Edwards

Darryl Edwards is the founder of the Primal Play Method™, a movement coach and thought leader in the area of creativity and innovation in fitness and health. He is the best-selling author of Paleo Fitness and Animal Moves based in London, England.

As a Health and Movement coach, I've worked with people of all ages who have let their life get in the way of living a healthier lifestyle, only to find themselves unhappy with the person they've become and longing for the person they used to be. I know, because I was that person.

I understand first-hand what a struggle it is to maintain an exercise regimen. In my case, it took a health crisis to serve as my wake-up call, but that experience was part of what led me to develop Primal Play™ and to the creation of these online courses.



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  7 Steps to A Leaner, Healthier You
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